Why Recruitment Agencies Should Blog

Why Recruitment Agencies Should Blog

Running an online recruitment agency is much more complicated than setting up a great-looking website. Indeed, recruiters need to compete against global rivals and smaller agencies, as well as manage a strong online brand and encourage employers to choose their services. However, if you want to differentiate your recruitment website from your competitors, starting a blog can be a great way to drive traffic, increase trust and build leads. So, without further ado, here are the four top reasons why all recruitment agencies should add blogging to their marketing strategy.

Search engine optimisation

Blogging marketers are thirteen times more likely to enjoy a positive return on their investment than they would when using traditional marketing, so it makes sense to invest in a strong blogging campaign.

Posting content regularly – whether that’s every week or every month – can increase your rankings on results pages for industry-specific content. So, you might want to write an article on the best interview preparation advice or a guide on what to wear on your first day in the office, which will help you tap into the market in a new way and enjoy free, organic traffic.

What’s more, you’ll be able to use this traffic to link back to your services and vacant job listings, which is a cost-effective alternative to using expensive pay-per-click campaigns.

Allows you to become an ‘influencer’

We have already spoken about the importance of building a strong online brand, and blogging is a sure-fire way of building your business brand and demonstrating your expertise as an industry insider.

Although there is a cost in hiring a good copywriter, or indeed time when writing the content yourself, building a reputation as being an expert in your field will benefit your organisation in the long term. Other websites will link to you as a source of information, and you’ll appeal to employers and job seekers alike because of your expert advice and opinions.

Share success stories and increase trust levels

Posting testimonials and case studies from your successful clients can build trust and enhance your reputation, and your blog is a great home for such content. Whether you run a weekly video blog or attend a client’s workplace for a catch-up or a photo shoot, you can use your satisfied customers to your advantage.

Blogging gives your social media a facelift

When it comes to social media strategies, there are only so many ways you can connect with your audience, especially when working in the recruitment industry! By blogging regularly and sharing your useful, relevant content with your followers, you’ll be able to open up new opportunities for engagement, increase brand awareness and build potential business leads from both employers and job seekers alike.

If you would like to implement a blogging strategy into your digital marketing campaign, then start with a great looking custom-built website from Outlines Design, which can be built on content management systems such as WordPress to make blogging a breeze.

September 3, 2016, Jack

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