5 Indications that your Recruitment Agency Site Needs a Redesign

5 Indications that your Recruitment Agency Site Needs a Redesign

Recruitment agencies perform a vital role in assisting skills-hungry employers and suitable jobseekers to find each other, but they can’t fulfil that task so well if, for example, their website is awkward to visit via a mobile device or full of out-of-date information.

If few people seem to spend much time on your recruitment agency site and you just aren’t receiving the enquiries that you need to receive, it’s time to get serious in determining exactly where and how your website is struggling.

Here are just five of the signs to look out for.

1. The site isn’t responsive

We’ve written before about its importance, and we’ll say it again: it really is crucial to ensure that your recruitment agency website is a responsive one.

If your site doesn’t automatically adapt for convenient viewing by visitors with smaller screens like those of tablets or smartphones, you risk missing out on a sizeable chunk of business, and not merely because of the direct user experience.

After all, non-responsive sites don’t fare as well in the search engine rankings either, so your agency may not be as easily discovered in the first place as its responsive rivals.

2. There aren’t enough call to action buttons

Remember that your recruitment agency site is ultimately there to attract business from employers and candidates.

You require your prospective clients to perform certain actions, such as contacting your team or viewing all currently available jobs, and this should be reflected in the use of well-placed, clear call to action buttons across your site.

3. Vital links are hard to find

If someone visiting your site wants to get in touch with your recruitment agency or visit your social media pages, will they immediately find the relevant links in a logical, fixed place, such as at the very top or bottom of every page of your site?

Or are such crucial contact, social and subscription links hidden, perhaps buried on an About Us or FAQs page or in complicated navigation systems?

4. There’s no scope for the use of video

Video now plays a powerful role in capturing the attention and interest of site visitors who wouldn’t have the patience or inclination to read through paragraphs of text or visit your blog.

Not only does video have an undeniable immediacy as a medium, but it can also be used to highlight a wide range of aspects of your service as a recruitment agency and communicate other relevant and useful information – so if you do redesign your site, make sure it can accommodate video.

5. Both text and images are too small

Your recruitment agency’s website needs to be highly ‘scannable’, which makes small text and images a no-no.

People shouldn’t have to squint to read your website. With the right redesign, the likes of stunning large text, large images, bold headlines and brief, descriptive paragraphs that help to tell a compelling story can be the order of the day.

If one or more of these deficiencies or various others are present on your own recruitment agency website, you know what you need to do – get in touch with Outlines Design today for a free consultation and a competitive quote relating to our highly rated web design work!

July 24, 2016, Jack

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