5 Free Things YOU Can Do to Improve your Website

5 Free Things YOU Can Do to Improve your Website

In today’s highly-connected world, a website is an essential platform to have if you’re looking to get your business noticed online. Although there are many benefits of having a fully responsive, clean and crisp website, it can be quite expensive to maintain the platform. You may have to pay for a web designer to construct your website in a user-friendly manner, and then you may have to pay for your domain name registration and server space. All of these costs can add up, so here are five ways you can improve your website for free.

Get feedback from your peers

To make this a worthwhile process, you will have to sit down beforehand and decide what the key messages you want your website to display are. Once you’ve decided this, you can then ask a selection of your friends, employees or family members to examine your site and offer feedback on how easy they found it to use and what they thought the key messages were. You could then compare the findings to your own objectives, and this will provide you with a list of improvements to make in the future.  This is a great technique to employ because your sample will give a detailed insight into how your potential clients could perceive your website.

Check the relevancy of your website

It’s no good investing in a website if your content does not match the needs of your target market because you will not be ranked very highly by Google. You need to ensure that your content is fresh and contains the keywords that your audience is using to find companies in your sector. Services like BuzzSumo and Google AdWords are great for tracking these keywords. Regularly reviewing your website’s content should see you shoot up the rankings because Google will class you as a relevant source of information for the searcher.

Use Google Analytics

There are many things that can impact the amount of time a customer spends on your website, including the design of your website, its responsiveness and whether they had an easy path to the required information. Google Analytics is a great tool because it tracks the journey of your users – recording how long they spent on a page and where they dropped off the site. This tool will allow you to pinpoint the areas that are not performing to the best of their ability, and you can then make the necessary changes. This tool is comprehensive and should provide you with all the information needed to make informed decisions. However, If you need help implementing these improvements in a way that will enhance the user experience of your site, then why not contact the web design team at Outlines Design?

Start a blog

Providing you have the time and skills to write engaging and clear blog posts about your industry, then this is a great way of improving your SEO ranking. A great blog establishes a bond of trust with your customers and positions you as an expert in your industry. If you carry out some keyword research, you can find out what your potential customers are searching for and then create content to satisfy this demand. This is a great way of moving your site up the search rankings, and you should see an increase in traffic as a result – providing you blog regularly.

Get social

Social media is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers, building bonds with people who may not have used your business before and enhancing your brand. You can use channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote some of your best content. This content will take the viewer back to your website, and could result in new leads or sales being generated.

October 20, 2016, Dan

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