5 Reasons to Avoid Website Builders

5 Reasons to Avoid Website Builders

Website builders have really taken off in recent years. They give small business owners the chance to boost their online presence and reach out to clients. Although website builders do come with their advantages, they may not be the best long-term solution for your business. Here are five reasons why you should avoid them.

There’s Little Individuality

Website builders allow anyone to construct their own website – regardless of how much technical and design expertise they have. To keep the software easy to use, every website that’s created has a very similar template and structure. No matter how much design work you put into your site, someone else could just as easily create one that’s very similar. Although most website builders allow you to customise your web pages with your own logo, it’s very easy to tell which sites have been constructed through this method. Alternatively, if you hire a web designer, you have more scope to implement your own ideas onto your site – meaning your business will stand out from the crowd.

Little Scope for a Personalised Domain Name

Unless you upgrade to a premium account, most website builders will force you to take a pre-packaged domain name.  This pre-packaged name will usually place the name of the website builder alongside your company’s name. If you look at the established brands on the market, they all have their own personalised, professional domain names, and this creates a bond of trust with their customers.

Limited Access on Mobile Platforms

Adweek analysed the shopping habits of consumers and found that 45% of all purchases include some form of mobile interaction. This is a huge number, and something that free website builders may not be able to take advantage of. Most include a digital package as part of a premium feature, but free packages are mainly constructed for desktop use – so sites could look disjointed on a mobile platform. Many website builders do not allow sites to be altered on the go, either – meaning it’s difficult to make important changes when out of the office.

Lack of Scalability

As your website grows, so should your client base. However, if you’ve used a free website builder to construct your website, then this could bring a few disadvantages. Many website builders offer a small amount of bandwidth, and this rate is usually capped. This low bandwidth limit could result in your website running slowly when faced with high usage, or even crashing at peak times. A website builder allows you to set a solid foundation for your online presence, but it may restrict your company’s growth in the future. A Business Starter Kit from Outlines Design could be a great alternative. It comes with a range of design and web features that will help you maximise your online presence.

Poor support

During your website’s lifetime, it’s inevitable that problems will occur. However, many free website builders have a limited network of technical support for you to take advantage of. This feature is often reserved for premium accounts. The longer your website remains offline due to a technical error, the more potential clients you are bound to lose, and many free website builders lack the technical expertise that would allow you to get back online as soon as possible.

September 24, 2016, Dan

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