5 reasons why WordPress is the best content management system

5 reasons why WordPress is the best content management system

When it comes to finding the right content management system for your website, it’s difficult to find a better solution than WordPress. Here’s why…

WordPress is the biggest

Of course, popularity does not equate the best product, but there’s a reason why 27% of websites on the internet are powered by the platform. Using WordPress is not only good for keeping up with best industry practices, but it also makes it easier for you to design and manage your website. With more than 45,000 plugins and countless themes for you to choose from, it’s possible to create a website from scratch for free.

WordPress is open source

Perhaps one of the greatest parts of WordPress is the fact it is entirely open source. Indeed, you may have to pay a web designer to create a custom theme for your website, and you will have to find reliable web hosting to manage your WordPress installation, but the core product is free to use. Not only is this ideal for businesses that are looking to save money on their web design and content management, but it also means that they won’t be faced with an upgrade, add-on and maintenance charge that can be associated with some other content management systems.

WordPress has a worldwide community

Unlike some content management systems, WordPress is supported by a community of coders, web designers and bloggers who share their knowledge and ideas with the public. Through the WordPress forums, you can find solutions to your WordPress coding, installation and management problems and interact with like-minded people from within your industry. Not only is this a cost-effective way to fix your website, but it allows you to network and share your knowledge and experience with others.

WordPress requires no knowledge

While the installation of a custom WordPress website requires some experience (unless you rely on one-click installation software that as standard on some web hosting services), using WordPress couldn’t be simpler. Whether you’re a web developer or have no knowledge of the internet, you can add posts, upload media and make changes to your website with ease. What’s more, with the latest addition of WordPress, you can now edit your site in real time, meaning that you don’t need to stick to backend and under-the-hood settings menus to make changes to the appearance of your website.

WordPress is about much more than blogging

You’d be forgiven for thinking WordPress is a piece of software exclusively for your blog, but the truth is that WordPress offers much more than that. From booking forms and members-only sections to community forums and entire social networks, it’s possible to make virtually anything out of your WordPress installation with plugins and coding.

There you have it – five of the biggest benefits of using WordPress on your website. At Outlines Design, we build all of our websites using the WordPress content management system. Click here to find out more about what we do.

March 7, 2017, Jack

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