How to boost visitor engagement on your website

How to boost visitor engagement on your website

In almost every industry and niche, competition is rife. In order to remain at the top of your game and retain and grow your client base, you need an appealing website that encourages customers to come back. With new research suggesting that internet user’s attention spans are shorter than ever, there’s never been more importance in optimising your website for engagement and conversion. Below, we’ve rounded up just some of the ways you can do so.

Design for your customer

Visitors are important to your website, but if they leave without taking your desired action – whether that’s making a sale, signing up to a mailing list or commenting on your blog – you’ve wasted an opportunity. Therefore, it’s essential that you look beyond visitors in terms of numbers and analytics, and instead focus on the individual’s wants and needs.

Get into the psyche of your average customer and design your website around their needs. Colours, layouts and accessibility are all important, as is the style and format of your written and multimedia content. Building an identity for your brand is easy when you know who you’re targeting, so consider carrying out a survey or focus group to understand who you want your product to reach.

Create great content

We’ve already explained why content marketing is important for your business on several occasions, and when it comes to boosting engagement, blogging is everything. One thing to note, however, is that volume isn’t important. Sure, regularly blogging will help to drive an audience to your website, but writing quality, in-depth articles that offer genuine value and appeal to your target audience is much more important and valuable to your business.

The most successful content marketers are those who keep their visitors engaged by taking the time to write something unique. Tutorials, reviews and how-to articles are a great place to start, while opinion pieces can also be an excellent way to spark debates and increase engagement levels in your comments section and on social media.

Interact with audience

If visitors are taking the time to comment on your website or give you feedback on social media, it makes sense to respond. Acknowledge comments, thank them for their contributions and use the opportunity to plug your products or services when you can.

Adding polls and other interactive forms of multimedia content to your website is another great way to increase audience interaction.

Collect email addresses

Capturing email addresses is a great way of driving visitors back to your website – and increasing engagement levels when you post a new blog post or announce a new product. Use a free mailing list management service like MailChimp and WordPress plugins to create opt-in forms – the more opportunities people have to subscribe to your list from your website, the more likely they are to do so.

Optimise your website for smartphones

The chances are that your site is already responsive, but is it truly mobile friendly? Make sure that all of your pages work well on smartphones – that means optimising text size, fixing images that cut off on smartphones and ensuring there’s a large click radius.

Speed up your site

Page speed is a ranking factor for search engines such as Google, so make sure your website is running lightning-fast. For people to engage with your brand, your website needs to be fast and efficient, so switch web hosts, optimise your code and use browsing caching.

Boosting engagement means keeping visitors on your website long enough for them to take your desired actions. Your website should be the central point for your brand, so make sure that your first impressions count.

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March 7, 2017, Jack

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