How well do you know your own brand?

How well do you know your own brand?

When running a business, you might think that the products you sell are the most vital part of your operation. While they certainly are important, they are not the be all and end all. An effective brand is essential – it represents the way in which your customers view your company and your products, and helps to get across your values. Branding might not have been something you’ve paid much attention to in the past, but it’s vital that you start giving it some serious thought.

Does your brand promote recognition?

Creating a good brand is so much more than designing a logo. The uniforms your staff wear, the colours of your marketing materials and your social media tone all contribute to it. However, you need to work hard to keep everything consistent. If your logo and uniforms are red and white but your flyers and leaflets are yellow and blue, then it will be difficult for the customer to recognise your business immediately. If you use the same colours throughout your company, then the customer will, over time, start to associate them purely with your organisation. In a crowded market, easy recognition is so important, and this simple tactic will help to achieve this.

A good brand creates a loyal following

Essentially, your brand acts as a promise to your customers. It lets them know what to expect when they visit your company. Think about Apple. Their brand has a loyal following of customers who purchase every new product they produce, and this is because Apple has delivered on its promises in the past by creating quality, innovative items. It’s important that you really think about what you want your company to achieve and how you want people to perceive it. Everything you and your employees do should help to maintain your brand. If you neglect it and allow it to become stale, your customers could develop a sense of apathy towards your business and begin to trust you less.

Your brand extends into online platforms

It’s no good perfecting your values and creating eye-catching marketing materials if your website lets you down. So much business is done online these days, and your website needs to be an extension of your brand in order to attract customers. It needs to be expertly designed, boast the same colour scheme as the rest of your business and be incredibly easy to use and navigate. If customers log onto your website and are greeted by a mix of clashing colours, outdated content and links that fail to take them to where they need to go, then they will automatically associate this negative experience with your brand – meaning they may never visit you again. It’s important that your web presence does your brand justice, and that’s why it’s worth contacting the web design team at Outlines Design. We can create a responsive, visually stunning and user-friendly website that really gets your brand’s key messages across.

As you can see, perfecting and maintaining your brand is not easy, but it’s such an important thing to consider if you want your business to grow. It takes time and investment to get it right. However, the long-term benefits should heavily outweigh the initial work that’s required.

October 12, 2016, Dan

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