Recent events have caused a huge shift in how recruiters operate, with much more emphasis on building client and candidate relationships remotely via digital channels. Below are our top 3 best website strategies your recruitment business should try, to stay ahead this year.

1. Video job specs 

In a crowded industry, its important to do all you can to stand out from the crowd, not just with your clients, but your candidates too.

Video job specs are quickly becoming a popular way of reaching candidates more effectively, on social media in particular. These involve a consultant talking to the camera, explaining the opportunity available, the application criteria and how to apply.

The personal touch combined with the convenience of it being a short video, will only help increase the response-rate for your advertised roles.

Next time you’re writing a job spec, record a short video summary of it on your phone too. You can then post the video along with the full written job spec, on social platforms like Linkedin to encourage further applicants.

2. Google for Jobs

Keyword optimising your website pages for search is not a new concept, but doing so within your job specs is becoming more and more prevalent since the introduction of Google for jobs.

To give yourself the best chance of candidates seeing your jobs on Google, optimise them for the search terms your candidates are using e.g. “sales jobs essex”, and ensure you include information about the specific location, industry, contract type and where appropriate, salary bracket.

3. Live Chat

Live Chat is a fantastic way to engage with your users, to nurture leads and support your clients. The introduction of this feature has transformed the way we interact with our clients, levelled-up our technical support, and increased our customer satisfaction. There are many Live Chat tools out there, however the one we recommend is LiveChat Inc.

Automated chat bots are also increasing in popularity, especially with smaller businesses. These bots are designed to popup to users automatically with pre-written questions, to help funnel your users and guide them to the information they’re looking for. As with Live Chat, there are many options available, however we recommend looking at ChatBot.

If you require assistance with your website, you can get an instant quotebook a free consultation, or speak to us on LiveChat.

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