With so many websites online now, it’s so important to get your website content right, whatever the goal of your website might be. Below are our top 3 free ways to improve your website content.

1. Know your audience

Start by writing down a list of your 3 core target users and their objectives on your website.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to put yourself in the position of each of those users, and ask yourself whether you feel the website caters to your needs and objectives or not.

Having this user perspective puts you in a much better place to identify what content changes need to be made, whether it’s structural changes to the site map, reprioritisation of content, page flow or even design amends.

You might be surprised by your findings when going through this exercise.

2. Be genuine

I see so much website content, and the majority of it reads as cliché, disingenuous drivel, which is often regurgitated in a similar format across all of the sites across that industry.

People buy from people, and your website content needs to be genuine and sincere in order to establish trust with your users. Without that, your website and brand ultimately loses its integrity.

Speak in a tone that reflects who you are as a business, not who you think your audience want you to be, as users will see right through it.

3. Differentiate

Another issue caused by content regurgitation across industries is a lack of differentiation.

It’s always refreshing to come across a site that’s just straight to the point, no nonsense, and is clear about who they are and why they are different. Unfortunately, it’s a rare occurrence.

Focus on your differences within your particular market. Think about the reasons why a client would choose your business’ product or service above anyone else, and then reflect that in your content.

Users just need clear, concise, straight-talking information, and don’t want to have to scroll through streams of corporate speak in an attempt to pick out anything of substance.


Give users the information they want in a clear, concise and sincere way. If you do this, you will see an increase in engagement and a decrease in your bounce-rate.

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