When putting together a website, it’s easy to overlook some of the basic fundamentals. We’ve therefore put together the below top 3 free website tips for instant improvement.

1. Refresh your content

Having worked with hundreds of SMEs over the last 5-6 years, a common trend among them is a lack of differentiation and focus within their website content. A lot of companies within similar industries, will regurgitate the same old clichéd nonsense that all their competitors are, without any real consideration for their users.

Firstly, think about who your target users actually are by putting together 3 or 4 main personas. Then, review your current website content from the perspective of these personas and ask yourself whether or not what they’re reading applies to them, and whether or not it accurately represents what your business is all about.

If you go through this exercise, you’ll be surprised how many changes you then look to make to your website content.

2. Engage with your users

Another common trend among SMEs online is a lack of online activity, and a lack of reasons for a user to return to their website.

Blogging is a simple, effective, and FREE way of engaging with your users, enabling you to position yourself as an authority within your industry, and giving users a reason to not only return to your site, but consider using your services.

You can also setup push notifications on your website to notify users when you add new posts, and use blogging as a tool to increase your social media engagement.

Our free website tips series is the perfect example of how you can engage more with your audience.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that I find is largely underutilised by SMEs. It provides very valuable information about where you users are coming from, and what they’re engaging with.

It will also provide you with all the information you need to make scientific decisions on future website changes, for example which pages are getting very little attention and engagement at all, and which are getting a lot. You can then use this information to restructure your site map, reprioritise you content and page flow, or even consider implementing new page designs altogether to aid the overall engagement of a page.


Websites are often neglected areas of a business, particularly within SMEs. This is largely due to time constraints internally and other priorities. However, spending a little time on your website every week, whether it’s adding new content or reviewing the engagement data, is all going to help push you forward as a business online. Get started today!

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