The importance of a website has grown expedentially in recent years, with more and more people needing to adapt their businesses to the digital world. Some of you may not know whether you need to invest more in your online presence, so below are our top 3 reasons you might need to do so to ensure you keep up.

1. Irrelevant/old content

A good question to ask yourself is, would you send a prospective client to your website cold, without any prior contact with them, and feel comfortable and confident in the fact that they would be seeing an accurate representation of your business offering?

If the answer to that question is no, then it’s probably a good idea to at least consider a content overhaul, and possibly a complete redesign to go along with it.

2. Barely any traffic

If you haven’t got Google Analytics set up, or something similar in place which tracks your user engagement, I would strongly advise setting that up ASAP.

If you have, look at the number of hits you’re getting monthly. Also look at the bounce-rate i.e. number of users leaving after only viewing one page, as if this is higher than 50%, then that’s a big sign that your website in its current format, simply isn’t suited to the users its attracting. Either you’re marketing to the wrong users, or the website requires an overhaul to cater for your audience.

3. Reliance on prospecting

Part of the growth of any business is transitioning from the hunter to the hunted. Instead of wasting countless man hours and budget on direct prospecting, focus more on improving your marketing channels so that clients are coming to you.

Your website is a big part of generating leads, both online and offline, so if you’re finding the only clients you are getting come from direct marketing, you may need to review what’s in place.


Look at the 3 points above as warning signs more than anything. Your website should be an extension of any sales/marketing campaigns you have in place, and if its completely detached from that, there is no point in having it at all. You need to make sure your website is supporting your company as the business world transitions more and more into the online age.

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