Everyone wants to improve their Google ranking, but not everyone knows the best way to approach it. Below are our top 3 reasons why your website has a bad Google ranking.

1. No XML site map

Google relies on certain files in order to be able to index your website on their search engine. One of those files is the XML site map, which informs Google of all of the pages on your website, so they can all be indexed and ranked.

If you can’t find yourself on Google and your website has been up for a few weeks, check with your website provider that an indexable site map has been included in your website file structure.

2. No SSL

SSL (secure socket layer), refers to a security certificate issued to a website to confirm it is hosted in a secure location. Websites without this certificate will be looked at less favourably by Google, which may result in poorer searchability.

If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, my advice would be to contact your website/hosting provider as soon as possible to see how that can be remedied.

3. No keyword optimisation 

Everyone wants to rank on Google, however in order to rank for the terms you want to rank for, you need to include those terms within your website content.

For example, if your business wants to rank for “sales recruitment Essex”, you need to make sure there is at least one page on your site that includes that phrase in the title, description and body content.

If the term you’re wanting to rank for doesn’t appear anywhere on your site, you won’t rank for it – it’s that simple.


None of these techniques will instantly propel you to the top of Google, however over time, they will positively impact your domain score and overall searchability.

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