We have worked with companies within the recruitment sector for a number of years now, and we have helped many of them get out of the rut of making mistakes that are holding them back. Below are out top 3 recruitment website mistakes that we encourage all of our clients to avoid.

1. Too Corporate

One of the main challenges as a specialist recruitment website designer, is the vanilla, corporate image that a lot of clients feel they need to portray, and trying to talk them out of the same corporate colour schemes, and bland, posed stock images you’ve seen on hundreds of other sites.

Unless your market is filled with hoity-toity pomposity that is offended by anything other than the what the big, corporate conglomerates are doing, this isn’t the approach you need to take.

Recruitment is a crowded market, so be different, be yourself and retain your brand integrity. It will go a lot further with the majority of clients and candidates alike.

2. Too Cliché

Recruitment is one of those industries where you see a lot of the same, regurgitated, meaningless fluff when it comes to website content.

As with the corporate brand image, some recruiters are reluctant to project messages that accurately represent their business offering, and instead opt for cliché buzzwords that they think their audience want to see.

Your website isn’t a CV trying to score high on a competence checklist. It should be an accurate, concise and straight-talking representation of your business, so your users can get a clear understanding of what you’re all about.

3. Too Faceless

When you combine the first two points, what you end up with is a faceless brand with no personality and nothing different to write home about.

People buy from people, and expressing your personality as a business and as individuals within your business, will go a long way to establishing a user’s trust.

Don’t be afraid to firstly, show your face and secondly, show some personality too.


There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from some of the big companies out there, however inspiration is all it should be, and you shouldn’t look to become an inferior copycat version. Your website should portray an accurate image of your business and the people within it, not someone else’s.

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