WordPress has become the most popular content management system, used by almost 40% of all websites online. But what is the best way to customise your WordPress site inline with your brand and requirements? Below are our top 5 reasons why custom WordPress themes are always the best approach.

1. They’re unique

You might think having a unique looking website isn’t important, but why wouldn’t it be? All businesses are unique – even if you offer exactly the same services are another, there are still differences when it comes to philosophy, methodology, customer service, business size, target demographic – every business is different, and this should be represented in not just your brand, but also your website which is an extension of that.

One of the main benefits of custom WordPress themes is that it gives the opportunity for your brand and USPs to be represented in the best way possible to your audience.

2. They perform better

We have seen businesses using WordPress themes created 8-10 years earlier, that are still on the market today.

Although at the time they were built these themes may have been fine, many are now dated, clunky, slow and simply not up to the standard required to tick all of the boxes your website needs to both serve users, and also rank high with Google.

Custom WordPress themes make use of the technologies, techniques and trends of the time they are constructed and beyond, meaning what you will end up with is a site that is slick, modern and high-performing – something both your users and Google will love.

3. Anything goes

There is no need to worry about shoehorning your website content into pre-existing layouts and designs when you go down the route of a custom WordPress theme, as it’s a blank canvas approach and therefore content led.

All of the best designers will tell you, whether it’s web, screen, print, advertising etc, the only thing that matters is the content, as that is the entire purpose of the design to begin with.

Custom WordPress themes allow for this content first approach, meaning all of the layout and design work is done inline with your content structure and key messaging, meaning no compromises and no limitations.

4. Strengthens your brand

By building a custom WordPress theme, you can really bring it inline with your brand vision, and create something that really does support all of your other collateral.

How many times have you seen businesses with brochures, adverts, social media accounts etc, that all look completely different to each other and to their website? I’d guess quite a lot.

Bringing all of those elements inline is really important for brand consistency, and building a custom WordPress theme will allow your website to seamlessly fall straight inline.

5. Limitless enhancement options

Some out-the-box, pre-built themes aren’t built with enhancements in mind. For example, you may wish to advertise jobs on your website, promote and sell products, offer downloads etc, however if your current WordPress theme doesn’t take these features into account, you’ll need to either change your theme, or have your existing theme modified by a web developer.

With custom WordPress themes, you don’t have this issue, as the theme will be built for purpose, and there would be no need to change your theme or hire a web developer to try and hash together a solution for you.


In our opinion, custom WordPress themes are the only way to go when it comes to WordPress websites, and we have successfully served over 200 clients since 2015, with this very approach.

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