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We understand that good design goes far deeper than something that looks aesthetically pleasing. Our content-led approach to design ensures that you are projecting the right message to the right people through both quality content and visual design.

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Content: The Building Blocks

The foundation for any successful website is the content. Typically a user will spend less that 10 seconds on a website before deciding whether or not they wish to continue their user journey. With that in mind, it's vital to grab their attention with engaging and relevant information.

We work with you to understand who those target users are, what their goals and objectives would be on your site, and how we can differentiate you from your competition when it comes to key messaging and overall tone. We will also identify which keywords and phrases to use throughout your content, to ensure that it is as optimised as possible for search engines such as Google.

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Website Design: Piecing it Together

The content-led design approach means that there is already a very good understanding of what your business is all about, before any visual designs are put together.

Using this knowledge of your company's USPs, unique target audience and that audience's objectives, our designers will produce a range of custom, mobile-responsive, web page mockups, working closely with you to ensure your brand is represented effectively, and all of the aforementioned key messages your business wants to project online are being delivered.

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Long-Term Maintenance, Support & Growth

Here at Outlines, we are in the market of building long-term business relationships, and our website aftercare service is a reflection of this.

It's important that your website works for you not just now, but for years to come and as such, all Outlines Design clients are offered several long-term support services.

  • Annual Website Review

    In this session, we use Google Analytics data and first-hand experience of the site over the previous year, to highlight what has worked, what hasn't, and discuss potential updates inline with your overall long-term business stategy for the next 12 months.

  • Premium Website Hosting

    Our cloud-based servers provide a fast, stable, secure environment for your website. We offer all new clients the first year free as standard, and work with you long-term to ensure the performance of your website is as good as it can be.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Designing and building your website is just the beginning, and here at Outlines, we can give you the advice and support needed to make sure you're being found online by new potential clients.

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We will work with you to assess which areas of your website are working and which aren’t, and provide a detailed report outlining our recommendations.

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